Herbal supplement products of ICHN and HYY use herbs that have been used in Chinese Medicine for centuries. Unlike products, which just use raw herbs, we identify and extract select herbs then combine them in our products for maximum efficacy. The main active ingredients are identified and monitored when possible using HPLC methods and measured against a predetermined chemical profile pattern that meets the company standards. In this way, quality assurance can be measured objectively along with heavy metal and microbial testing which helps to provide batch-to-batch consistency and ensure safe consumption. .

We support ongoing research to further identify active ingredients in our herbal extracts so that quality can be continuously monitored and upgraded. Efficacy of our products is determined using Chinese medicine principles, practices, and research in combination with modern Western research techniques. Each herbal formula is based on traditional prescriptions and created with the expertise of TCM physicians.

It is only recently that modern research techniques have been employed to identify active ingredients responsible for Chinese herbs' health benefits. Therefore, many herbs' active ingredients still have not been identified. It is important to recognize that HPLC testing only provides a chemical fingerprint of the active ingredients and their amounts found in particular herbs and does not measure efficacy of any herbal supplement product. This type of test is routinely employed in the herbal supplement industry to standardize herbs contained in a particular formula.

Chinese medicine practitioners have long recognized it is the combination of herbs and their active ingredients that work together to achieve health benefits. Therefore, measuring efficacy of Chinese medicine herbs must take into account how these herbs work together from a Chinese medicine point of view as well as a Western one. Our company is committed to undertaking this sort of research and we currently have ongoing research projects in China, Hong Kong, and the US addressing these issues.