www.hyy.com.hk is an ancillary part of the Integrated Chinese Medicine Holdings Ltd. (ICM) that provides Chinese medicine herbal supplement products under two distinct brand names of ICHN (Integrated Chinese Herbal Nutraceuticals) and HYY (House of Yin Yang). Both product lines are marketed under HYY (BVI) Ltd. on the internet at www.hyy.com.hk and are mostly manufactured in China certified GMP plants. All products undergo quality control in their production. Part of this process includes heavy metal and microbial testing for contamination of all products.

The first product line, ICHN, stands for "Integrated Chinese Herbal Nutraceuticals." This product line is unique; because, these products contain special Chinese medicine herbs that are either used singularly or in combination for their outstanding health benefits. Many of the combination herbal products are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine prescriptions. Due to the potency of the herbs used in this brand, these products are best used according to Chinese medicine theory and for individuals who have particular health patterns. Because ICHN's herbal supplement products are specialized for particular health benefits, they may not be suitable for all individuals. For this reason, our company provides appropriate information to help customers decide which ICHN products are right for them. Most of the company's research efforts are concentrated on this product line so the health promoting potentials of these products can be more fully realized and understood from a scientific viewpoint. Using research, we can fine tune the existing ICHN product line and create new products.

The second product line, HYY, stands for the "House of Yin Yang." In Chinese medicine and Chinese culture, yin and yang represent the dynamic change and balance of the universe and the human body. Yin and yang theory illustrates how our bodies continually strive for a healthy balance that creates wellness in all aspects of our lives. HYY products are designed to be used by all individuals to promote wellness and for general health maintenance. These products work subtlety to help restore our body's natural balance so that it can function properly. When our body functions normally, it can then prevent us from getting sick.

The definition of wellness from a Chinese medicine perspective will vary from person to person as it is not defined by curing illness but rather by getting to a state where a person can function comfortably in their everyday lives. Chinese medicine practitioners believe that to restore the body's health, it should be a gradual process of fine tuning our organs' functions to achieve a healthy working balance. As with most Chinese medicine products, the health benefits that are to be derived from ICHN and HYY products are usually felt within one to two months of taking a herbal supplement. Our company believes "health is wealth" and our ICHN and HYY products are designed to help individuals experience this